Dynacast awarded the demanding ISO 13485 medical certification

Dynacast is pleased to announce that both their plants in Singapore and Indonesia have now been awarded the demanding ISO 13485:2003 certification—a key standard for manufacturing high quality medical components. 

This certification has already been awarded to Dynacast Elgin and covers the precision die cast components used in the manufacturing of metallic precision components for medical devices.

ISO 13485 places an emphasis on meeting stringent regulatory as well as customer requirements, risk management, and maintaining effective processes specific to the safe design, manufacture, and distribution of medical devices.

The successful ISO 13485 accreditation to these two plants forms part of Dynacast’s global commitment to delivering cost-effective, engineered components to customers in all fields—from healthcare to automotive, from consumer electronics to any industry that demands the highest quality metal components.


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Last updated 12.26.2019