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Die Cast Material Spotlight: EZAC


Eastern Alloys, Inc is constantly working on new alloys that result in better, more economical ways to die cast. By working closely with them, Dynacast offers alloys that many of its competitors do not. It ensures that our customers are receiving the best possible alloy for their components. Recently, Eastern Alloys introduced a new zinc alloy, EZACTM.  This may be the right fit for your die casting needs.

Zinc Alloys

Since the early 1900’s, zinc die casting has been available. Back then, it was known as the more lightweight, lower cost alloy in comparison to the other die casting alloys that were available – tin and lead. Over the past century, there has slowly been a progression in the zinc alloys. While zinc has always been known for its high strength, the addition of the Zamak family, and now EZAC, make hot chamber die casting zinc alloys even more suitable for multiple applications. Before EZAC, zinc was often overlooked for applications requiring high tensile strength and more specifically high temperature tensile strength. Additionally, most zinc alloys have a low creep resistance when compared with other materials. These areas of improvement were the focus when creating EZAC. 

EZAC Benefits

The EZAC alloy has many benefits including superior creep resistance and higher yield strength and higher hardness when compared with other zinc alloys. EZAC performs approximately fourteen times longer than Zamak 2 and three times longer than ACuZinc5 in creep resistance tests at 140C and 31MPa, achieving 730 hours.

In regards to yield strength, EZAC is comparable to ZA-27, which is the strongest cold chamber zinc die cast alloy.  With a yield strength of 396 MPa – stronger than any other hot chamber zinc die cast alloy, EZAC achieves a 42% improvement over Zamak 2 and a 19% improvement over ACuZinc5. The hardness of EZAC also shows a 19% improvement over Zamak 2 and 11% improvement compared to ACuZinc5.

While EZAC exhibits low elongation at approximately 1%, it maintains comparable Impact Strength with ACuZinc5 at 2.2ft-lbs.

Compared with other high strength zinc alloys such as ACuZinc5 and ZA27, EZAC has shown excellent castability that does not result in accelerated wear on shot end components.

If you are interested in learning more about the tests that were performed, as well as more about the EZAC alloy, please refer to this article

What questions do you have about the alloy? Are there particular parts that you think would benefit from using EZAC?

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Last updated 12.24.2019