Dynacast Dongguan Named Best Supplier by Hytera Communications Corp., Ltd.

Dynacast Dongguan was recognized with innovation excellence and was awarded “best technology” by Hytera Communications Corp., Ltd. This award is based off a point system that evaluates quality control from Hytera’s suppliers.

Dongguan’s engineering team has been engaged from the beginning of all Hytera’s projects – from choosing the correct materials based on project needs to choosing a certain surface finish for the final component. The facility was able to reduce quality issues and lead times on Hytera’s components because of these early engagements. 

The Dongguan facility has a total of 16 jobs with Hytera, which accounted for 3.5% of their 2014 total sales. To learn more about the Dongguan facility’s capabilities, machines, and certifications please visit the Dongguan webpage


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Last updated 12.26.2019