Dynacast Austria: Bigger and Better Than Ever

We have strategically combined both die casting plants in Austria into one larger and more equipped facility in Weikersdorf, Austria. Previously, all of our zinc die castings were being manufactured in Wiener Neustadt and our aluminum die castings in Weikersdorf—Est. January 2013. In early 2016, we moved all of our zinc die casting machines to the Weikersdorf facility. This 22,000 mfacility on a land size of 65,000m² is now home to 14 aluminum machines and 49 zinc die casting machines. Dynacast Austria has plenty of room for growth in the future. There are plans to add more machines as well as new employees. As always, we are committed to creating the best service to create the highest quality components for all of our customers.

To celebrate the grand opening of our merged aluminum and zinc die casting plant, August 28, 2016, employees and their family members, as well as the Mayor of Weikersdorf, celebrated on site with live music, good food, and great company.

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