Dynacast Acquires Schlieper to Expand Zinc Die Casting

Dynacast is proud to announce the acquisition of Schlieper Druckguss in Vösendorf, Austria. Dynacast took over operations on July 1, 2016. This acquisition will enhance Dynacast’s strong foothold in zinc die casting in the region, as well as open our aluminum offerings to an expanded network of new customers.

Schlieper, a quality supplier of zinc die castings, has been in operation since 1995, primarily producing components in the automotive sector. The merging of Dynacast Austria and Schlieper will expand product and service choices to customers in the region. Those with international operations will also benefit from the support of Dynacast’s global network of 23 international facilities in 16 countries, including facilities in the NAFTA and Asia Pacific region.

The Schlieper facility will continue to operate as an independent and separate business unit until the end of 2016, under the current name Schlieper Druckguss GesmbH. Both the management team and the current employee base will remain the same to ensure that customers continue to receive the full range of products, as well as uninterrupted levels of service. 

This acquisition provides Schlieper customers with ongoing access to Dynacast’s unparalleled service. With over 80 years of experience pioneering the techniques and technologies that have redefined the die casting industry, this strategic move will ensure every customer receives insight and expertise that adds value at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.


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