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Dynacast Indonesia forms synergy with Dynacast Singapore and Dynacast Malaysia serving a good number of prestigious customers throughout the Asia Pacific region. Dynacast Indonesia, under the same arm of Dynacast Singapore, was built in 2010 to provide a more comprehensive service and meet customers' increasing demand. Dynacast Singapore has stood out as the premier die-caster in zinc, aluminium, and magnesium serving customers in industries including automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, computing, heatsinks and connectors to transform their problems into innovative solutions. On top of that, we help to enhance our customer's competitiveness, accelerate growth and increase profitability. At Dynacast Indonesia, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved, high quality product is delivered and excellent customer service is rendered. We strive for technical breakthrough and ensure time-to-market delivery which we intimately understand is a critical factor in today's challenging market conditions. Performance improvement and cost savings for customers has always been Dynacast's objective and strength. Our commitment in this industry is embodied in our dedication to enhancing quality and protecting the environment. We accomplished this through the systematic application of ISO 13485 , ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Customers can be assured of quality, reliability and results. Together with our sister companies in Singapore and Malaysia, Dynacast Indonesia has evolved into a leading die-casting solutions provider, with the following machines and capabilities:

  • 27 multi-slide proprietary zinc die-casting machines ranging from 4 to 27 tons.
  • 3 Conventional zinc machine, 125 tons.
  • 16 aluminium die casting machines ranging from 125 tons to 350 tons.
  • 1 multi-slide magnesium die-casting machines, 20 tons.

We offer complete design solution with:

  • 3D CAD/CAM (Pro/Engineer) and magma flow simulation software.
  • Prototyping and in house tool building capability.

We also offer complete services in:

  • Project management & ESI.
  • Predictive engineering.
  • Quality system management.
  • Secondary operations including CNC machining, tapping, drilling, vibratory finishing, sub-assembly.

We also maintain an extensive network of certified suppliers to offer any cosmetic or protective coating you may need for your product.

Motorola is always innovating to stay abreast of the fast changing market conditions. A constant challenge in this industry is to keep information flowing quickly, reliably and efficiently, all at the lowest cost. This challenge was thrust upon Dynacast when Motorola's mobile division first approached Dynacast Singapore on a "knuckle" program, used in the V600 mobile phone. This was a new program to replace the old model V60, whereby Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of stainless steel with light polishing was used to achieve the required chrome finishing. In the V600 mobile project, Motorola expected to replace MIM with zinc die casting to achieve the same performance in terms of cosmetics finishing and product strength, at a lower cost. The biggest challenge to achieving Motorola's stringent specification is to cast the part with minimum porosity, while 90% of the casting surface needed to be hand polished. We incorporated a good venting and systematically calculated gating system into the tool design to achieve minimal turbulence in the part. With strong R&D expertise, Dynacast was able to meet Motorola's specifications, as well as help them reduce part cost by 60%. This V600 project demonstrated that the right casting solution can out-perform the MIM process in many areas including process time, total investment cost and project management.

After our initial success with Motorola, they asked us to supply the hinge caps for their new V3 cell phone, to be located on the right and left corners of the phone and produced with a chrome finish appearance. This project was not something new to us as we have achieved this type of finishing and dimensional stability previously in the knuckle program. However, the difference this time was Motorola requested a constant production ramp of 1.5 million sets per month, and a constant supply for 9 months. As in the V600 project, Dynacast was able to meet the tough challenges of the V3 project, and meet Motorola's expectations.