About Us

Dynacast International is a global manufacturer of small, engineered metal components.  Utilizing proprietary die cast and metal injection molding technologies, we offer robust solutions to companies in automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, hardware, computers and peripherals and many other industries.

We engineer precision components by combining extensive engineering knowledge with our specialized manufacturing systems.  We help companies around the world save money by identifying components and assemblies in their products that can be redesigned or consolidated using one of our manufacturing techniques.  We have a history of delivering value to our customers through our engineering expertise, efficient operations and Advanced Quality Planning systems.

With Global Headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Dynacast operates 23 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries around the world.

Mission Statement

Dynacast’s mission is to be the global manufacturer of choice for precision-engineered die cast and metal injection molding solutions, surpassing customer expectations through dedicated people and technology.

Our strategy to achieve this is founded upon the following commitments:

  • By consistently exceeding expectations, we will develop long-term relationships with customers who value and recognize our skills and capabilities.
  • We will provide an environment which allows our people to develop their full potential through training, empowerment and recognition.
  • To secure further growth and investment we will generate superior returns on a consistent basis.
  • We intend to remain market leaders by exploiting our unique set of core competencies:
    • Global reach
    • Seamless communication
    • Program execution
    • Full service
    • Quality and continuous improvement
    • People


The quality and commitment of Dynacast people and our personal relationships with customers have become ever more important as we work together to manage and benefit from the continuing global process of change.

As such, we have identified the values we consider central to all our relationships, both internal and external, and commit ourselves unequivocally to upholding their ideals:

  • We deliver what we promise; we practice what we preach.
  • We believe in open, honest, ethical and fair behavior.
  • We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit at every level.
  • We believe in accountability and reward for that which is in our control; we celebrate achievement.
  • We value teamwork.
  • We believe in the value of cultural diversity and differences.
  • We respect the needs of individuals, the environment, and society.
  • We treat each other with dignity.